I invite you to dive deeper into that voice you might have forgotten but your soul remembers. Using the voice makes us happy, alive and exhilarated. It touches us in places we haven´t visited before, as the voice contains so many untapped potentials. Any part of a person which is out of balance (experienced as pain, fatigue, distress or hurt) can respond effectively to healing with sound. The voice is your natural source of power and wisdom that longs to be explored and experienced with trust self-love and patience.

Soul Voice® Session
In a session, we start with a short consultation to find out which difficulties or issues you like to focus on. Together we explore what needs to be released and where it is held in the body.  Soul Voice® Sessions can be either active or passive. 
During a passive session you are laying down comfortably and I tune into the energy of your body. I will then release layer by layer the blocked energy with my voice.
In an active session, you can use your own voice to release blocked energies. I support you with my  voice and help you to be open for your own inner wisdom. I encourage you to use your unique healing voice, where every tone is needed.
Releasing energy blocks with human voice creates often dissonant sounds. When the energy blocks dissolve and the energy starts to flow again the sounds will change into harmonious ones. Now the body will be filled with these healing sounds that help to integrate the new energy patterns effecting every cell. This will induce regeneration and balance. 

   Some Effects Of Vocal Sound Healing:

  • Liberates creativity & expression
  • Accesses and releases emotional and physical pain
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Helps with respiratory and voice difficulties
  • Balances feminine & masculine energy
  • Relief of stress & anxiety
  • Quietens the busy mind
  • Heals negative beliefs & unhealthy patterns
  • Supports inner guidance
  • Letting go of hurt & wounded feelings
  • Resolves unfinished communication
  • Accesses & frees the inner child
  • Clarifies goals & potentials
  • Helps to let your energy flow free
Vocal Sound Bath
If you have the longing of treating yourself with soothing and comforting feelings, enjoy the effects of this deeply relaxing and harmonising sound bath. I will sound intuitively to body parts which I sense need relaxation the most, but also to the body as a whole. The vocal sound bath is also a way to gently get in contact with voice healing work.  
Chakra Balancing
Chakras are the energy centres of our body and the sensory organs of our soul.  A chakra balancing session helps to balance body, mind and soul, brings inner regeneration and harmony. It also strengthens the immune system and activates the powers of self-healing. For the session, I use a combination of intuitive healing, vocal sounds and healing hands.

All sessions have a deep impact on your body and your soul.
Please allow yourself enough time after the treatment. If possible take a minimum of a half hour time to help your body integrating and adapting slowly to "normal life" again. Drink lots of water. 
Distance Healing via Skype
I offer all sessions also via Skype. It works on the premise that everything is connected by energy; thus distance is unimportant. Long distance healing is just as effective as healing sessions face to face. It is helpful but not necessary if you have some experiences in meditation or other techniques to get easy in a state of relaxation. ​​​

The treatments are not suitable for people with 
mental health problems, like psychotic, schizophrenic,
dissociative or depressive disorders!