I offer an ongoing class in Mantra singing and vocal sound meditation at the Raynes Park Library. 
You can join the class as a member of the library for free 

From March 17 on the meditation will start at 2.45pm

Council and Chakra balancing
Saturday, 13. Mai 2017
1:00 to 5:00pm
South London, Close to Morden station
10,00 GBP
facilitator: Kai & Kathleen  (more about Kai you find at www.happy-at-work.co.uk)

We will introduce you to two methods (Council and Chakra Balancing with sound) that will allow you to connect with your inner wisdom and express yourself from your heart.

It is an essential need for our development to be truly seen and heard. Already various ancient cultures have developed a form that brings people/ community together and provides a room so that everybody can be seen and heard. We will sit in a circle together (in council) and listen with our heart and speak from our heart. At the beginning, we will choose together the topic for the council. Some guidelines will support us to create an atmosphere for this kind of communication. Compared to the mind chatter of the daily activities we will talk about stories that really touched us. We will train in a different kind of communication and learn to see others more complete and experience how it feels to be truly seen and heard.

Chakras are energy centres in different places of our body. If the energy flows freely we feel healthy and connected with our higher self. Often, the energy flow is blocked and we don´t feel well anymore. Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency and with our vocal sounds we can access and influence the different vibrations. Using this method we can easily clean, refresh and balance our chakras and access wisdom that is beyond words and mind.
Family constellation workshop
Saturday, 20. Mai 2017
11:00am bis 5:00pm
price: 50,00 GBP /per person
facilitator: Kai
​assistant: Kathleen

You are born into a family system. This family system is integrated into a local system of your village or city and this local system is again integrated into the system of your nation. This again is integrated in human kind of planet earth. In consequences, right after you were conceived you are integrated into something bigger than you. Many forces are influencing you, some stronger, some weaker. Often, entanglements can occur that holds you back, results in health problems or social problems. Family constellation is a method developed by Bert Hellinger that can look at this entanglements and if allowed can resolve it. In recent years Bert Hellinger has further developed this method what he now calls “The New Family Constellation”. We apply this method in this course. You have the chance to look at areas where you feel stuck, be it your health, your career, your relationships. Family Constellation offers you an insight into possible entanglements. This is no substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. This is an introduction price of GBP 50. For more information call 7724008425.